Seeking growth while striving to preserve capital during market downturns

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HCM Dynamic Income

Class A: HCMBX
Investor Class: HCMFX
Class I: HCMUX

The ultimate goal of the HCM Dynamic Income Fund is to seek total return. The Fund uses the HCM-BuyLine®, proprietary quantitative model, to determine when the Fund should be in or out of fixed income securities. Using a quantitative approach, the Fund aims to meet the investment objective by investing in long and/or short positions in fixed income securities.

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HCM Dividend Sector Plus

Class A: HCMNX
Investor Class: HCMPX
Class I: HCMQX

Ultimately, the HCM Dividend Sector Plus Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation. By using the proprietary HCM Buy-Line® investment model, the Fund seeks to mitigate loss during times of market distress. The model uses trend analysis to identify broad market trends. The fund uses these trends to decide when to move away from securities and into cash and cash equivalents. During positive market trends, the fund will seek growth in dividend-paying securities among those included in the S&P 500. The HCM Dividend Sector Plus Fund offers two share classes, each with a different investment need in mind.

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HCM Tactical Growth

Class A: HCMGX
Investor Class: HCMDX
Class I: HCMIX

The ultimate goal of the HCM Tactical Growth Fund is long-term capital appreciation. Using the proprietary HCM-BuyLine® method, the fund seeks to mitigate losses during market declines by moving from equity securities into money markets and short-term bonds. But it is not a purely defensive fund. While invested in equity securities, the fund will aggressively seek growth. The HCM Tactical Growth Fund offers two share classes in order to meet a broad range of investment and needs.

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HCM Income Plus

Class A: HCMEX
Investor Class: HCMKX
Class I: HCMLX

The ultimate goal of the HCM Income Plus Fund is to seek total return. The Fund uses a proprietary quantitative model to assist in determining when and which asset classes are bought and sold. Mathematically, the Fund attempts to keep investments in the strongest sector or sectors at any given time as measured by the model. The HCM Income Plus Fund offers two share classes, each with a different investment need in mind.

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In an effort to help investors seeking to navigate complex market conditions, we initiated a plan focused on mathematically mitigating loss during major market downturns.

The vision originated during the 1987 stock market crash, with the opinion that incurring devastating financial losses due to market volatility is unnecessary. After years of research, we developed a disciplined, systematic and quantitative approach to investing for our line of Mutual Funds.


Markets are constantly evolving, and investor needs have evolved, as well. By choosing a Howard Capital Management Mutual Fund, investors are embarking on a partnership geared towards the accumulation of wealth. Each fund strives to:

  • Quantitatively seek to bypass market declines
  • Seeks growth in capital by investing for a long-term approach
  • Active trading through a quantitative and systematic approach
  • Proactive management through daily monitoring and rebalancing when necessary

The HCM-Buyline®

Following the 1987 stock market crash, Vance Howard, CEO of Howard Capital Management and Portfolio Manager, sought to find a proactive way to mitigate downside risk. His years of research yielded a disciplined and systematic investment process now called, the HCM-Buyline®. The HCM-BuyLine® is a quantitative, math-based process driven by market ratios. The Funds use the HCM-Buyline® to determine when to be in the market and when to be out of the market.

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